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Lillo Due Pasta Machine

The Lillo Due pasta machine is a great example of Italian design at its best - seductively designed, totally functional, with brilliant performance!!

With Lillo Due you can mix, knead and extrude enough fresh pasta for at least 10 servings in about 20 minutes. It's totally effortless and the results are fantastic!

All you do is add the flour, turn the mixer on and pour in the egg. Within 10 minutes the dough is mixed and kneaded and the pasta is then extruded through special solid bronze dies to form the pasta shape.

Although it is the smallest pasta machine in our range, it is our best seller. This is because a requirement for 30-60 portions per day is easily achieved on this compact and well-priced machine, making it suitable for many of our customers.

Please scroll down the FAQ's to discover more about Lillo Due.
  The Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

Why are the bronze dies so good?

Bronze is the traditional material from which pasta extruding dies are made. The friction created by the bronze creates the rough surface texture that is authentic and will hold a sauce better than pasta made by any other method.

Some dies are supplied with Teflon inserts for a smoother, more modern finish.
  Pasta dies for the Lillo Due

What pasta shapes can be made using Lillo Due?

Lillo Due is supplied with four standard dies: spaghetti (1.75mm), fettuccine (7mm), tagliolini (3.5mm) and rigatoni (7.5mm). There are a wide range of optional die shapes and sizes: >

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Die name description Size (mm)
Spaghetti long round 0.8, 1.0, 1.25, 1. 5, 1.75 (standard) 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75 and 3.0
Fettuccine long flat 5, 7.0 (standard) and 9.5
Tagliolini long thin flat 1.8 and 3.5 (standard)
Rigatoni short hollow ridged 4.5, 7.5 (standard) and 10.5
Macaroni short hollow smooth 4.5, 7.5 and 10.5
Lasagne sheet pasta 95 (width)
Linguine long thin oval 2, 2.4 and 2.8
Bucatini hollow spaghetti 3.7 and 4.5
Chitarre square spaghetti 2
Pappardelle long wide flat 14,17 and 20
Reginette wavy edged long flat 11, 15 and 19
Fusilli short twists
Casarecce short curled up pasta

What is the capacity of the mixing hopper?

The mixing hopper has a maximum flour capacity of 1kg, which will make about 10 servings. Smaller batch sizes can be made and the measuring cup has markings for 500g and 1 kg mix sizes.

Can any type of flour be used?

Yes, durum semolina is very tough to mix and knead but the powerful mixing action of Lillo Due will make light work of 100% semolina.

It is not possible to damage the machine by experimenting with other flours so you are completely free to try out your own recipes. The most important thing is to have a crumbly mix so that it falls freely into the extruder.

What liquids should be used?

A measuring container is supplied with Lillo Due and gives liquid measurements for egg and water. Coloured pasta can also be made using pureed tomato or spinach, where the liquids are reduced accordingly.
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

How long does it take to mix and can it be left mixing?

The mixing process takes between seven and ten minutes. You do not have to watch the mix in this time. If you have the correct amount of liquids, the finished dough is crumbly.

The finished dough needs to be drier and more crumbly than would be the case if made by hand. This is so that the dough can naturally fall from the mixing blades into the extruding screw. However, making adjustments to the mix is incredibly easy.
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

How easy is it to adjust the mixture if it's too wet or dry?

The exact quantity of liquids required will depend on the type of flour and it's moisture content. Once you have some experience of the flour you want to use, we would expect the volume of liquids to remain constant.

If the mix is too wet and it forms larger lumps of dough, you can simply add more flour and the strength of the stainless steel mixing blades will quickly break up the dough. Equally if it is too dry, add a little more egg or water until the mix is perfect.
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

How do you cut the pasta lengths?

When extruding, you will need to cut the pasta lengths with a knife. Most shapes are best cut to the appropriate length as they extrude.

The exception is rigatoni, which is best extruded in long lengths and then cut to length afterwards (straight for rigatoni or angled for penne rigati).
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

Can you make more than one shape of pasta with a single batch of dough?

Yes, changing the pasta shape means simply changing over the extruding die. This is very easy to do, by stopping the machine, unscrewing the die-holder and fitting the new shaped die.
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

Can you store the pasta?

Fresh egg pasta has a refrigerated life of about 3 days. It can be frozen and when required, simply place in the pan still frozen, adding a few minutes extra to the cooking time

How How do you clean the machine?

The mixing blades and the extruding screw are very easy to remove without any tools. When this has been done the mixing hopper and extruding chamber are completely empty, making it easy to wipe clean.

The mixing blade and extruding screw should be washed in hot water. The bronze dies should be kept in water after use, so that the pasta that remains inside the dies does not go hard.
  Lillo Due from Fords Food Equipment

How long is Lillo Due guaranteed for?

For commercial use the Lillo Due is guaranteed for one year, parts and labour.

What should I do if it goes wrong?

We have a fully qualified service department that can both answer questions about how to use the machine and to repair it in the unlikely event of it going wrong.

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