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The Inver Range

the inver 3 pasta machine   There are two models in the Inver range, the Inver 3 and Inver 7. They share the same design, differing only in the capacity they can produce.

Inver 3 has a 2kg flour hopper producing up to 9kg/hour and Inver 7 has a 5kg flour hopper producing up to 15kg/hour of pasta.

They are supplied with 4 dies as standard ; spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni and lasagne.

One of the advantages of the larger pasta machines is the wider range of pasta shapes that can be made, which includes rigatoni of up to 35mm diameter, plus conchiglie, gnocchetti, orecchiete, lumache, ruote and all the shapes that are available with the Lillo Due machine.

Long pasta is cut to length by hand as it extrudes. Short pasta can be cut by hand or automatically, using the optional variable speed pasta cutter. This clamps onto the front of the die and is speed-controlled and powered by the pasta machine. It is simply removed when not in use.

Both the Inver 3 and Inver 7 use a standard single-phase 13 amp electrical supply.

To make pasta, pour all the flour into the hopper, start the mixing cycle and pour the liquids slowly into the hopper through the lid. The mixing action will distribute the egg evenly and in less than 10 minutes the dough is mixed and kneaded and extruding can begin.

Model Details

Model name flour hopper pasta output/hour servings/batch dimensions net weight (kg)

Capacity (kg) (kg) (approx 20 mins) (cm)

Inver 3 2 7-9 20 66 x 40 x 55h 60
Inver 7 5 15-17 50 74 x 51 x 62h 88

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