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Fresh Pasta Machines

As seen on TV

Our Inver 3T pasta extruder was wonderfully showcased on Saturday Kitchen, BBC1 2nd February and again on March 16th James Martin and his guests were wowed by the amazing bronze-drawn pasta and the automatic cutting system that kept on producing rigatoni while they enthused about how great the machine was....superlatives such as 'very special machine', 'mesmerised' and 'wonderful pasta' were used, we couldn't put it better ourselves!

On the BBC, company names can't be mentioned, but we're the people behind the introduction of these incredible pasta extruding machines to the UK.

BBC Saturday kitchen with the INVER pasta machine BBC Saturday kitchen with the INVER pasta machine

The Inver Pasta machine on BBC Saturday Kitchen with James Martin

Fresh Pasta Machines

one of the pasta machines available from FORDS food   A pasta machine that will make fantastic quality, authentic pasta effortlessly and very quickly sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Our range of fresh pasta extruding machines will automatically mix, knead and extrude pasta - the complete process - in just a few minutes.

Our pasta machines use solid bronze dies to form the pasta shape and this ancient process gives the pasta a unique rough texture that willhold a sauce better.

A pasta extruding machine is essential for proper round spaghetti, authentic oval linguine and wonderful rigatoni, but superb quality lasagne sheet and flat pasta, from tagliolini to pappardelle, can also be made using a pasta extruding machine.

We have a range of six pasta machines with different capacities to suit Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Farm Shops, Delicatessens and even passionate consumers. We also supply manual and electric ravioli machines, which are ideal when partnered with the larger pasta machines.
another pasta machine available from FORDS Food  
The Guild of Fine Food recognises FORDS pasta machines
We are an accredited supplier
of the Guildof Fine Food

Fresh Pasta Machines regularly exhibit around Europe.
To find out where we are next, get in touch

New Fords Server :)
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